John J. Hayes, Principal

John J. Hayes

As co-founder with Dr. Stephen Fitzmeyer of MD Idea Lab, Mr. Hayes guided a seasoned team of informatics doctors and industry professionals in creating an incubator for Medical Doctors to accelerate the development of products and services.  He created the vision of leveraging “Healthy Data Informatics” to guide programs that reduce healthcare costs and improve personal vitality.


Since 2007, Mr. Hayes has operated a consulting business, and has several startup companies as clients, including Dexrex where he led the design of a hosted Instant Message archiving system, and Lygase, where he designed and implemented an RFID solution capable of tracking thousands of people throughout the vast expanses of a trade show floor covering millions of square feet.


Prior to his consulting business, John was Director of Product Development at Black Duck Software in Waltham, MA.  There he

  •  Designed, managed development, market requirements, product launch, identifying and closing early adopters, installed and trained clients for a new breakthrough product all in the first 120 days
  •  Transformed this single “behind-the-firewall” enterprise-product company, into a “Learn-Try-Buy-Share” SaaS vendor, connecting with the end user where they work, engaging them with compelling, free services, and a rapid path to additional services for them selves, their team, and the entire enterprise.
  •  Led development of hosted, fully multi-tenant, extensible, and customizable “Software as a Service”, (SaaS) platform


Prior positions included VP and Engagement Manager at Insight Architects, where he managed a dozen engagements involving teams of 2-16 building high speed data-warehouses.

Earlier John was recruited by Knowledge Stream Partners, (Boston MA) to be the Director of Product Development where he created the first real time analytical CRM system and was principally involved with the design, development and deployment at Chase Bank, NYC.  This was the first product that allowed a “360 degree” view of the customer, and enabled the enterprise to “speak” to the customer with “one voice”.  This involved the real time determination of a client’s financial worth via an algorithmic evaluation of the customer’s records and interactions across half a dozen disparate databases.


Prior to that, he was Director of Operations at Alexa Internet/The Internet, where he was the principal designer of the systems which crawled and archived the Internet, and performed real time analytics to type and characterize clients, (individual web surfers), for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising.


John founded and built STONE+WIRE, a producing breakthrough solutions for movie digital special effects systems, by creating a high bandwidth disk array and network system.

Mr. Hayes was an early hire at Thinking Machines Corporation, where he was recruited to become the program manager for the high speed, massively-parallel disk array subsystems to augment Earth’s most powerful computer system, the Connection Machine.  There he presided over the development and launch of the first commercial disk array, and a follow on project to produce “the scalable disk array”, capable of scaling up to any practical size.  He was instrumental in the sale of a 1024 disk system to Los Alamos National Labs, among others.

Mr. Hayes earned his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, IN, and has completed over 1200 hours of additional course work in leadership, management, and communications.